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General information

Bali Farm Direct is a provider of basic home needs. Order online from your home and your order from the farmer will go directly to your home.

BFD is an innovation we’ve fast-tracked in light of current events. The BFD Click & Collect service is all about making it easier for our customers to order, whilst practising social distancing.

We deliver to you or you can collect. Order direct online, via WhatsApp (or Messenger) or calls us.

At this stage, BFD is only available for basic home needs.

For more information and its availability in your area Contact Us or WhatsApp or Messenger

Getting Started

Just visit www.balifarm.direct/order and follow the step-by-step instructions.

BFD is available at selected Bali centres. To find out what's available at your nearest centre, please visit: www.balifarm.direct

BFD is only available via our website at www.balifarm.direct

Ordering online

BFD is currently only available for selected farmer at your local Bali. To find out what's available at your nearest centre, visit: www.balifarm.direct

Just visit www.balifarm.direct /order and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Yes, you can order in advance. Your order will be sent according to the specified hours

Yes, you can purchase from multiple farmer from Bali, in the same order.

Once an order has been processed, additional items must be add from WA contact.


Bank Transfer or Cash

Yes, we charge the same prices as the busineess.

Delivery or Collecting Order

Your selected farmer will produce and package your order. we use their our standard send packaging.

Your order will sent to your home.

When you arrive around your home, simply provide your order details (name, order number) and we will collect your order.

we will contact you before leaving

Of course, we are very suitable for you. we will deliver your order directly to your home

We will make the best effort to notify you via email or phone if there is a problem with getting your order to the pick up point on time.

Privacy and Security

Please refer to our Privacy Policy here, to understand how we treat your personal information.

We store certain personal information about your order, like your name, contact details and transaction amount, in order to facilitate your order and for audit purposes. We treat this information in line with the Scentre Group Privacy Policy.

Refunds or returns

Cancellations and refunds will only be processed at the discretion of the farmer, based on their existing terms and conditions. If the farmer has cancelled your order after payment, then you can lodge a request for a refund if the farmer has not automatically provided you with one and we can assist you.


please visit : https://balifarm.direct/contact-us/